Graham’s 1982 Single Harvest Tawny Port, Douro, Portugal

Well, now. . . when one of your best wine friends is the Port Ambassador, you get to taste wines like this one. The Graham’s 1982 Port was opened during the first visit of my friends from Portugal (Andre’ Ribeirinho) and Brasil/USA ( Luiz Alberto #winelover) to Macedonia- an excellent wine occasion to celebrate their first visit to the country. We got ourselves at the Spa Resort Bel Kamen at 1500 m, on the Pljachkovica Mountain during the winter, which proved an ideal occasion to open this Port.
This beauty showed aromatic notes of nutmeg, vanilla and roasted hazel-nuts. The palate was velvety, elegant, a combination of cinnamon, quince, caramel, hints of honey, raisins and orange peel, silky tannins and long aftertaste.
To mark the birth of HRH Prince George, the Symington family has decided to bottle a special commemorative edition of Graham’s Single Harvest Tawny Port from 1982. For three decades, this very fine Port has been gently ageing in seasoned oak casks under the watchful eye of the Symington family, owners of this long established Port House. Charles Symington, head taster and winemaker, has selected just 6 pipes (a little over 4,000 bottles) for this limited edition release.

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