My Top 10 Macedonian Wines for 2015

Prokupec 2013 by Popova Kula
Light colour reds are not common in a sunshine drenched country like Macedonia. Somewhat surprisingly, I have found myself becoming an admirer to these light and playful reds like this Prokupec. Very elegant on the nose, with abundance of sour cherries and vanilla hints. More sour cherries and gooseberries in the taste, good and firm acidity and lovely playful sense on the palate.
Popova Kula is one of the very few wineries dedicated to growing indigenous and regional grape varieties. Prokupec is the pride of Serbia, also Serbia being the country of origin. Ekaterina Gargova, the winemaker that signs this wine, traveled to Serbia on few occasions to understand (and learn) why the Serbians have mastered the art of making fine refined samples of Prokupec. Ekaterina, and her right hand at the time, Marina Krstevska, have made an exceptional Prokupec proudly presenting the potential that this wine has in a sunshine country like Macedonia. The price of 330 MKD makes it attractive for wine consumers & winelovers. 

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