My Top 10 Macedonian Wines for 2015

Vranec 2013 by Chateau Sopot Winery, Veles Wine District
A true expression of the rich Macedonian terroir, a fine sample of a tamed Macedonian Vranec and a school example for the Vranec winemakers to follow. I’ve been admiring the work of the winery’s enologist, Laze Petrov, for a very long time as his rather perfectionist drive in the winemaking has been sort of a difficult approach to understand, though he tried on more than one occasion to explain it to me. Guess it has to do with the years spent in the cellar. The quality of his work is equally followed by the winery’s younger enologist, Kristina Dimova.
This Vranec shows purple red colour with a violet hue. The nose is complex and rich in forest berry fruits, sour cherries and a certain spiciness. Very elegant on the palate- the tannins are tamed and velvety- taking in consideration that is still young, the tannin management was obviously skillfully mastered. Full-bodied wine with a gripping acidity and a lovely cassis and herbal finish. Lots of aging potential in this bottle- a one to stock your wine cellar with. For an affordable price of 480 MKD it is one of the best quality-price Vranec wines out there. 

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