My Top 10 Macedonian Wines for 2015

Tempranillo 2012 Reserva by Brzanov Winery
I am sure that all of you have heard the story of the two guys responsible for the famous wine line “Fat Bastard” & the inception of this famous expression, nowdays a recognzable brand. That’s how I look at this duo of Antonio Brzanov, a proved winemaker, and Dimitar Stojanovski, as of recently a co-owner and manager of the winery. And that is the same way I look at their wines only with one slight difference- they have more than one Fat Bastard in their cellar. 
Not many producers of Tempranillo in the country, if at all in first place. The grapes come from a vineyard located at an altitude of 600 m & the wine was aged for 18 months in new barriques manifactured in Serbia. Another rather interesting detail worth mentioning is the label on this wine as it’s rather somewhat of a novelty & fresh breeze in the rather dull Macedonian world of labels, a motif taken from a painting by Vane Kosturanov, one of the leading Macedonian artists. Associating this Spanish grape variety with the rather loony labels of the Spanish wines, Dimitar makes a parallel of these two concepts. This Tempranillo Reserva 2012 showed to be very oily in the glass & a nose that shows an overripe plums, dark pepper & tobacco. The palate gives away an array of forest fruits like medlars, dark dry berries accompanied with vanilla & spices notes. The price of this “domesticated” Tempranillo is 1300 MKD. 


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