My Top 10 Macedonian Wines for 2015

Temjanika Smolnik 2013 by Popov Winery, Tikves Wine District
On first occasion I thought this Temjanika would be my summer hit. I was clearly wrong as it proved to be my all year round favourite Temjanika. This delicate wine is obtained from grapes coming from Smolnik, one of the two micro-localities surrounding Popov winery. The wine opens itself with every following swirl revealing its complexity- it begins with aromas of white peaches, fresh basil, apple blossom and citrus aromas, and then follows in a more serious manner of wet stone and chalk notes. The taste follows in the same manner, rich in gooseberries, honeycomb and quite mineral due to the clay-stone composition of the soil in the Smolnik micro-locality. My kudos go to Petar Mancev, Popov’s oenologist, a winemaker with a clear vision. The price of 330 MKD makes it an unbeatable sample of a refined Macedonian Temjanika. 

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