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Guide to the Wines of the Republic of Macedonia

Winemaking goes back thousands of years in this ancient corner of the Balkans, yet despite Macedonia’s rich viticultural heritage the country has seen a turbulent past. Five hundred years of Ottoman rule, world wars, communism and the trials and tribulations of competing in a globalised world now paint the country in a fascinating light. The recent surge in small, boutique wineries and their emphasis on local grape varieties such as the proudly ferocious Vranec, the ethereally aromatic Temjanika or the incredibly rare Stanushina has framed the rolling hills of the Vardar Valley as an area of fantastic winemaking potential. This guide provides visitors to the country with an in depth guide to the wineries and their wines while offering more distant enthusiasts an insight into how we are likely to experience Macedonia’s vinous identity in the immediate future. This guide provides contains concise overviews of every winery in the country as well as all you need to know about the grape varieties in circulation. It also takes a look at Macedonia’s 16 recently designation wine regions, commenting on microclimate and soil types. The book is designed to provide a snapshot of the industry today and inspire  both producers and consumers to continue laying the foundations of this young but exciting wine country.

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